Roller Bearings

Let’s understand a bit more about the construction of roller bearings, which are part of the electric motors. When roller bearings are in normal operating condition, they require little maintenance. To be reliable they should be regularly lubricated with high quality roller bearing grease.

On all machines there are bearing plates attached to the housing and the plates present information such as:

– Bearing type;

– Used lubricant; VEM31111

– grease reapplication interval;

– Amount of grease reapplication.

It is imperative that the information on the bearing plate be observed during the use and maintenance of the machine.

Roller bearings of electric motors must be greased at regular intervals and this interval or time is indicated on the bearing plate. Regardless of grease reapplication intervals, the bearings need to be greased at least once a year.

These ranges are calculated for an operating temperature of 70 ° C (160 ° F). If this operating temperature changes further or further, the grease reapplication interval should be changed in proportion to these variations. For example, when the temperature is higher, the grease reapplication time will be shorter.

Roller Bearings